Learn How To Update Bios On Motherboard

BIOSWhy do you need a BIOS update? The answer is very simple. When you need to update hardware like RAM or a processor, you need to renew it. BIOS powers your computer and also protects it. This is why it is important to update it, and it is seldom that you may need such a renewal. Again, updating it erroneously can render your system inactive. So, be wise and read this post to know exactly how to update bios on motherboard.

Updating BIOS

There are a few steps involved in updating the BIOS on your motherboard. We have mentioned all of them in this section. Pay attention and bring it up-to-date.

  • To start with, you must check, if you need an upgrade of your existing BIOS.
  • For this, you need to click on the Start button of your computer.
  • Then type msinfo and then locate BIOS Version/Date along with the model number of your PC
  • An easy way will be to Google these numbers to scrutinize if you need an update.
  • You may also visit your manufacturer’s site for this.
  • In case you have customized your computer, then you must use the model number of your motherboard.
  • Once, you have found the version, and it is even a decimal higher (for example, your kind is 2.3.0 and the latest class is 2.3.1) to your BIOS, then you need an update.
  • Now, download the latest version of BIOS from your manufacturer’s site on a USB stick.
  • Select the. EXE version preferably
  • Keep the USB plugged into your computer.
  • Restart your system
  • Use the UEFI control panel to run the update.
  • Take a backup of your existing BIOS at this stage.
  • This UEFI mode should display the new data you have saved in your flash drive (USB)
  • Ensure that your computer is plugged in a power socket this whole time, as shutting down during this streamlining can cause heavy wreckage.
  • Have patience, and this will take a few minutes.
  • As soon as you are done with this, restart your system one more time.

Why Update BIOS?

The reply to this query is quite simple, and if you want your computer to run better, then you need it. Of course, there is more than this, like:

  • It keeps your system secured, which means a more robust firewall against virus and malware attacks
  • If you want your processor, RAM, and other such hardware to run smoothly, then you must update your system
  • BIOS can address bugs issue, and you will be thankful for the fact that you have downloaded the newest version

Remember, Mac computers do not need this update, as they do not use BIOS. As for the rest of you, we must issue a warning for this. Try only if you think it is an absolute necessity. Otherwise opting for a professional could be a good idea too. Yes, understanding how to update bios on a motherboard can be a blessing as well. You need to do it properly to get the best results.



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