An Advice On – Can DDR 3 RAM Be Used In A DDR 4 Motherboard?

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It cannot be denied that both the DDR RAM and the DDR 3 RAM are both good. Now the thing is that different RAMs are compatible with different motherboards due to technical specifications. So Can DDR 3 RAM be used in a DDR 4 motherboard?

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Can DDR 3 RAM Be Used In A DDR 4 Motherboard?

Before jumping into the technical differences, one must know the difference between a DDR 3 RAM and a DDR 4 RAM. So, what is the difference between the two? DDR 4 is the latest RAM in the market. The DDR 3 RAM was put out for sale in 2007, and it was incorporated on Intel’s LGA1151 and LGA1366.

The thing is all the newer platforms have now started to use DDR 4. If you are on the lookout for a 9th or 6th generation core CPU, then you should settle for a DDR4 RAM. So, you might ask, are there many differences between a DDR3 and DDR 4 RAM? The answer is a big yes!

Getting Into The Technicalities

The DDR 4 runs on a much low voltage in comparison to the DDR 3. The DDR 4 operates at 1.2 volts, and the DDR3 ram runs on 1.5 volts. You will come across many modules where the voltages overlap, but you will see that 1.5v and 1.2 volts are the standard requirements.

Speed is another factor that should be taken into consideration. There are some modules like the DDR# – 3200, which can achieve a lot of overclocking. The DDR 4 starts with 1600MHZ, and this supports a DDR4 3200 the overclocking can stretch to DDR4-4800. This will basically mean the user can enjoy an enhanced bandwidth.

Making A Choice

There are many potential differences, you can always go for bigger DDR memory, but they will not work well with your average desktop computers, as their motherboards cannot handle it. Experts have said that the Core i7-4770k only supports 32GB maximum in terms of RAM. The Core i7-8700K supports 128 GB.

When it comes to choosing between the DDR3 RAM and DDR RAM, that will depend on the type of motherboard and CPU you select. Certain motherboards support both, but you may get only a few slots. The DDR will cost a lot more, but it is a better choice any given day.

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Final Verdict

So, to answer the question if a DDR 3 RAM can be used in a DDR 4 motherboard? The answer to that is sadly no. Unless you have a motherboard that supports such a thing, the chances are slim. If you have a motherboard with a hybrid memory feature, then it could work.

Specialists have always suggested that if you want to get the best out of your system, then you should go for a DDR4 RAM that with a DDR 4 motherboard as it will take the guess-work out of the equation. Now that you have the right information, you should know what to do.

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