How To Choose The Best Ram For Ryzen 5 1600 AF

Best Ram For Ryzen 5 1600 AFDo you want to know which RAM is suitable for your Ryzen 5 1600 AF motherboard? We have to agree that the AMD R5 1600 AF is a second-generation replacement for the first one. It is a budget-friendly processor that newbies can rely on. The price factor certainly makes it a popular choice.  

If you are looking for the best ram for Ryzen 5 1600 AF, we will request you to read this post with care. Please pay attention to know which RAM suits it the best to get maximum output of it.

What Is Best Ram For Ryzen 5 1600 AF?

The Ryzen 5 1600 AF was released in 2017 and has been an instant hit. It has the same Zen+ architecture that AMD specializes in and has the System Memory Specification of 2667 MHz. This means it is faster and is ideal for gaming as well as designing work. 

We have found it to overclock at 4.2GHz to get 102FPS AVG. In a way, it is believed to outperforms Ryzen 5 1600. This is why it was introduced, to work better than the previous version, and it obviously fulfils the purpose. 

Now, speaking of RAM, we have noticed that it works well with a 3200 MHz kit. That is correct, and this is the right Ryzen 5 1600 AF compatible ram type. You may come across posts that may ask you to go for anything over 3000 MHz as that is the right Ryzen 1600 AF ram speedthat you can work with. It is very true, and there are no qualms about it. 

Besides, you may have to adjust BIOS a bit while updating. That will take care of the whole thing for you. 

How To Update BIOS?

Talking about the Ryzen 5 1600 AF RAM support, we must first tell you that you need to make some changes in your BIOS while upgrading your MOBO. Just follow the steps mentioned and ensure that your RAM runs smoothly:

  • Get a high-speed kit that is compatible
  • Then you need to clock down the BIOS manually
  • Enable what is called the XMP
  • Make sure that you reduce the frequency
  • Simply leave timings to auto
  • We have added odds to 95%+ and found that it works fine

The Truth 

The truth is, it has often been observed that Ryzen benefits from faster RAM. Hence, it vibes well with 3200 MHz, and that is the Ryzen 5 1600 AF max ram speed. You must keep it in mind and work accordingly. 

In other words, it also suggests that overclocking will not be a problem with this one. Yes, we have mentioned that already, and it is a fact that we did not have much of a concern in that area. 

So, to wrap things up, you need a Ryzen 5 1600 AF RAM compatibility lies between 3000 MHz to 3200 MHz. We hope you got this part right and this is a solution to all your problems for sure. There is nothing to worry about, as the engineering of the planar board can handle all this nicely and easily. 

It uses a power cooler, the Wraith Stealth, and it is there to do the rest. Don’t worry. We have conducted tests on this processor and found it to be adherent to our needs. Likewise, scouring for the best ram for Ryzen 5 1600 AF may not be the end of it. 

You need to define your requirements first and then start hunting for products. This will most definitely help you weed out the rest and reach the right product. Try it once, as it really works!


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