Top 6 Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 1700X & 1700 in 2021 – Buying Guide

Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 1700X

Are you on the lookout for a Ryzen 7 1700x motherboard? We heard you, and this is why we bring you the review of the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 1700x in here.

You know what, we have also categorized the products as per your needs. We are sure that will help you in many ways.

In case you are thinking of what more do we have for you, as a motherboard enthusiast, then here is a list of a few things that you can count on:

  • How to choose the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 1700x?
  • The benefits of a 1700x motherboard
  • We also have reviewed a few products that will give you a better idea about motherboards for Ryzen in general.
  • As promised, we have classified them for convenience.

The most crucial factor is we have used these mobos, and that is why we can vouch for them too.

List of Top 6 Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 1700x

Best Micro ATXBest Micro ATX
ASRock AB350M Pro4
  • BRAND: ASRock
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Best Mini ITX GamingBest Mini ITX Gaming
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Best Budget MotherboardBest Budget Motherboard
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Best X470 MotherboardBest X470 Motherboard
ASRock X470 Master SLI/AC
  • BRAND: ASRock
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Best B450 MotherboardBest B450 Motherboard
MSI B450 Tomahawk Max
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Best WiFi MotherboardBest WiFi
ROG Crosshair VII Hero
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How To Choose The Best Motherboard For AMD Ryzen 7 1700x?

See, no formula can give you all the details about how to select a quality motherboard for Ryzen 7 1700x. All we can provide you with is a string of pointers that you can rely on, like:

Memory Chipsets come with varied memory or Ram slots, and this is the way it is supposed to be. So, no worries, all you need is to think about your requirement, and you will be able to find the apt one.

Form – Of course, you want the chipset you procured to fit into your motherboard. Hence, the size of the motherboard matters, and for this, you must measure the existing mobo and then get one for yourself. Let us start by saying that the most common form factor is ATX. These are smaller and often need less space.

Slots – You need to define your requirements very well. This is one such thing that will have an impact on your procurement. With a PCI express of 16x graphics, you will get optimum speed and performance.

Preventing Bottleneck – Investing in quality chipsets, like the ones we have mentioned will help you avoid this problem. This is because inferior products will hang and lag all the time, but a good motherboard will not.

Price – You must consider this factor too. Be pragmatic when you get a MOBO for Ryzen 7 1700x or Ryzen 7 1700. Think of a number and then see you will be able to weed out a few names also. This will help you acquire a product of your choice for sure.

SATA – Again, you need to decide on what kind of SATA ports you need. Mention has to be made about the SATA 3.0 that can connect to both HDDs and SSDs. Okay, in short, storage matters, doesn’t it?

Socket – The bottom line is, you need a mobo that fits into a chipset as well as a suitable socket. These two things must fit well into your Ryzen CPU for maximum output. Simple, isn’t it?

Benefits of Installing A Good Motherboard For Ryzen 7 1700x or Ryzen 7 1700

Quite clearly, when you want to expand your motherboard, you wish to add more features to your existing one. By features, we mean you may want to increase the speed, enhance the graphics, and more. The AMD planar boards have unlocked threads and cores. You can already start to count on the advantages of Ryzen 7 1700 motherboards.

We can add some more to this list, like the following:

  • For starters, it optimizes the whole system.
  • This means the entire system including the CPU will become faster.
  • That translates into more efficiency.
  • As mentioned earlier, a good one will save you from bottlenecking issues
  • When you are designing your motherboard, you can ensure that the board gets better cooling systems
  • This provides you with steady overclocking that you can cherish for a long time
  • What about brighter graphics as that is what motherboards for Ryzen stand for
  • It will enable faster downloading

AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Review – Our Handpicked Top 6 MOBO (Redditors Recommended)

We have kept our word by providing you with this motherboard list and reviewing them thoroughly step by step. We also assure you that you will not need anything beyond this. We must also add that these double up as the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 1700 as well. Just have a look.

#1. Best Micro ATX Motherboard For Ryzen 7 1700X – ASRock AB350M Pro4 best mobo for ryzen 7 1700x

Do you want the best mATX Ryzen 7 1700 or 1700x mobo? Then, take a look at this AMD one, as it is packed with wonderful improvements that make it an instant favorite with the customers. Get this at the soonest and prepare to give yourself the best gaming experience.

Play your virtual reality games in a surreal environment without facing the slightest technical glitch.

Trust us when we say this, as we learned about it with experience. One of our associates was using this board, and we suddenly realized that its RAM is 2667 that can actually perform tasks faster. We saw it with our own eyes, and finally believed it when we used it to find similar results.

Speaking of performance, we must also talk about its multiple GPU support. This improves its functioning, and you can further bank on its 64 GB maximum-sized memory. Along with this, we must also state that you get full overclocking with this device.

The ultra m 2 interface can speed up to about 32 GBs, and this also supports specific SATA 3 6GBs modules. The quality of the audio is outstanding as this supports Blu-Ray audio. This also brings you protection from sudden surges.

The manufacturer has included audio caps for supreme sound quality. Now who in their right mind would refuse such a fantastic motherboard, this is undoubtedly not worth ignoring if you happen to be a hardcore gamer.

  • It has Micro ATX as the form factor, which implies that it has small dimensions that could easily fit into the motherboard of your choice

  • Features Gigabit LAN by Realtek

  • This motherboard comes with 7 USB 3.1

  • Added is a DVI D slot

  • Operates with 8 cores and 16 threads

  • This is compatible with three monitors

  • Features HDMI Graphics Output that includes dvi d

  • This supports DDR4 3200 and sockets of the AM4-A series

  • The RAM has facilities to be upgraded with DDR4 memory

  • The overall performance is impressive

  • Does not have any technical problems

  • Troubleshooting is easy

  • Features glass fabric of high density

  • Copper PCB makes it proficient and safe to use

  • Its overclocking is empowered through AMD hardware only

  • This motherboard comes with efficient power choke option

  • The user manual should include clearer instructions for users

  • Does not come with a CPU cooler

#2. Best Mini ITX Gaming Motherboard For Ryzen 7 1700X – MSI B450I GAMING PLUS AC Best Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard for Ryzen 7 1700x

Oh yes, this is the one, a top-class AMD Ryzen 7 1700 motherboard for sure. It comes VR ready, which means you can push it for the utmost performance.

It comes with Hotkey, X Boost, and Game Boost features, which are like a dream for any gamer. Ask us! Yes, this is a shameless confession, we are avid gamers.

You will be surprised to know that motherboard testing was done by none other than, eSports! Oh, hail them. It can go on for 24 hours online and offline as well. Suit yourself. There is no need to explain to you that this is an ultra-fast device that can do things in a jiffy.

This is no doubt one of the good AMD motherboards, and apart from the gaming pack, you can rely on this for other functioning as well. It can support both 1st and 2nd generation AMD Ryzen. This is a reliable product that comes with improved latency of memory. The board has DDR4 Memory, which is a boost to performance. You can optimize up to 32 GB, which is no less.

Don’t get confused the b350 and b450 debate. Both are good, the b350 has auto-overclocking, whereas the B450 and B450I have better functionality. The b350, B450, and the B450I all work pretty well. Make sure to adjust them according to your needs to make them better.

As far as cooling is concerned, we all know how important it is while upgrading a motherboard. It comes with fan headers that help you install coolers of your choice. The best part would be to design a low profile cooler that will fit into it perfectly. Think of a Noctua NH-L9 or something along the lines and don’t overthink about B350 . Just our two cents.

  • Its Mini ITX form factor also makes it convenient to work with

  • The PCI-E is made of metal, and that protects your VGA cards from getting bent

  • For acoustics, you have Audio Boost, which is an HD audio that offers you with graded sound

  • X-Boost can auto-detect software

  • It can also enhance the functioning of any storage device in your AMD devices

  • Troubleshooting was never so easy with EZ Debug LED

  • Has two RGB headers instead of RGB lighting

  • Supports wi fi pretty well

  • Supplements rear io shield

  • Has provisions for DDR4 Ram

  • It has RGB headers that are 4 pins

  • BIOS has possibilities for overclocking

  • Has many USB ports

  • Includes one m 2 socket

  • Is compatible with video card

  • Takes a bit of time, and requires much angling to fit Ryzen Stealth coolers

#3. Best Budget Motherboard For Ryzen 7 1700X – MSI B450M GAMING PLUS Best Micro ATX Motherboard For Ryzen 7 1700x

You may think, what is this? Is this an MSI motherboard comparison review or what? Well, it may seem like one, but in reality, MSI has many options that you can bank on. This is one such instance, and we cannot ignore it.

Ever since its inception in 2013, this brand has become popular owing to its affordable AMD motherboards. This one, in particular, is even compatible with 1st generation and 2nd generation of AMD Ryzen. You can use it with Radeon Vega Graphics processors as well.

As for memory it can be extended up to 64 GB and supports DDR4-3466. Wait, as there is more to this owing to this device. It has been gaming certified by eSports because it can be used for 24 long hours both online and offline. Now, that is something for gamers, and they do not want to miss out on this board for the same.

See, if you are still beating yourself about the b350, then we have to tell you that it is a generation 1 chipset. Yes, you can upgrade it using BIOS, but if you have get to choose among the high-end ones, why should you bother? We agree that the b350 are very popular because of their pricing, but the new series of chipsets are way better. Why not try them?

This is made from smart hardware and software that makes it so admired by people all over. You don’t even need a separate RGB lighting, as you can simply connect it to the 12V RGB LED and sync it all. This takes it a notch higher than its competitors, and you can enjoy your MOBO with all the upgraded features.

  • Typical MSI brand colors, red and black make it attractive

  • The heat sink has a metallic sheen with red alleviation all around for better visibility

  • PCI Express Steel Armor, which is again an MSI specific keep your graphic cards protected from damage

  • This armor does not catch electromagnetic interference, which suggests that your signals will not be interrupted

  • You get 4 additional USB ports

  • As for the sound system, you get Audio Boost that caters you with the purest of acoustics

  • The Core Boost technology is MSI’s premium design that adds to the precision of your CPU

  • New BIOS update has made overclocking limited

#4. Best X470 Motherboard For Ryzen 7 1700X – ASRock X470 Master SLI/AC Best X470 Motherboard For Ryzen 7 1700x

Okay, we are die-hard fans of ASRock, and we think they really rock! That said, we would like to add that the ASRock X470 Master SLI/AC lives up to what ASRock stands for, like creativity and cost-effectiveness.

In fact, ever since, ASRock was established in 2002, they have championed the cause of designing efficient machines. They have ventured into creating motherboards, and have concentrated on making eco-friendly devices that would help you in the best possible ways.

The X470 Master SLI/AC is indeed a reasonably priced am4 motherboard. Yes, but don’t just get fooled by its price, as it is a powerhouse of a motherboard. The board is enabled with WiFi 802.11ac (2.4G / 5G Wi Fi), and that adds value to it additionally. This saves you from slow-moving internet connections and time as well.

Look, you can tweak it a little and own it. It will get you the basics right, and the point is you cannot go wrong with this board. Besides, you will find it in almost all list of ATX motherboards. Yes, it is that prevalent for all these attributes that you must look for in motherboards for Ryzen. This undoubtedly is a significant improvement and is one of the best X470 motherboards.

  • The grey-scale color scheme looks elegant

  • Its illuminated RGB lighting makes your work easy

  • Supports NVIDIA and CrossFireX, which hints at the graphics you can expect

  • Needless to say, this aids while working multi GPU setup

  • VRM heat sinks are made from aluminum, which makes them sturdy

  • You get Realtek ALC892 Audio Code that implies get ready to enjoy HD audio and crisp sound

  • Not detailed like the high-end AMD models, which is not a deal-breaker

#5. Best B450 Motherboard For Ryzen 7 1700x – MSI B450 Tomahawk Max Best B450 Motherboard For Ryzen 7 1700x

When it comes to talking about the best ATX AM4, the B450 Tomahawk is one model that does come under the radar. What makes this stand out from the rest, is the neat improvements introduced by the manufacturer.

This has all the features typically expected from a premium grade motherboard, so you know that you are getting your money’s worth.

The motherboard features DDR4-3466 along with an extended capacity of 64GB spread over four DDR4 memory slots. The B450 also has better storage capacity as it has six ports (SATA) that will support RAID 10, 1, and 0 arrays.

The B450 Tomahawk motherboard comes with five slots (PCIe), which are coated with steel armor for added protection. This is very similar in the X370 motherboard, which has more SATA ports and better VRMs. Like in most Ryzen motherboards, the heat sinks on this have also been improved upon.

The performance of this mobo is flawless, and users will not experience any technical glitches with this one. The product has cleared several quality checks before being sold in the market.

  • This AMD motherboard is certified to be perfect for gaming

  • The shared memory on the B450 is 2048 MB

  • This is compatible with AMD Crossfire

  • Uses USB 3.2 instead of the usual USB 3.1, which makes it even faster

  • Has more USB options

  • Consists of one m 2 slot

  • The motherboard supports Dual channel of 64GB

  • The B450 compatible with 2nd and 1st generation AMD Ryzen

  • Features a separate BIOS button

  • This has an efficient Audio Boost that produces high-quality audio

  • Has PCIe slots which are fully armored for extra protection, now that is something

  • The DDR Boost facilitates fast data signals, and this is very helpful to the gamers

  • The advanced MI technology facilitates smooth and fast gaming experience

  • The improved circuit design makes sure that the processor operates on optimum speed

  • This motherboard supports a maximum of 4133 MHz

  • Very reliable product from a reputed brand

  • The B450 brings you value for money

  • Features PWM heatsink

  • The user manual could have been a bit better with the instructions

  • Takes a bit of time to understand how it works but it is not much of a difficulty

#6. Best Wifi AMD Motherboard For Ryzen 7 1700 – ROG Crosshair VII HeroBest Wifi AMD Motherboard For Ryzen 7 1700

The ROG Crosshair vii hero is a part of a series that makes a gaming enthusiast like us jump off our chair. This has a right blend of implementation and aspects that gets you excited. It has improved overclocking with the new aura sync rgb.

ASUS Rog series has a slow mode to handle overclocking. It will pump in liquid nitrogen into your cpu to stabilize it. Besides, this will also keep your CPU under control. This way you can even keep track of your overclocking data. Now, this is a blessing for gaming junkies like us.

Moreover, there are 9 fan headers that you can count on. This means you will never be worried with heating issues anymore. Doesn’t this sound incredible?

What more, you get 12 usb ports to take advantage of! It is based on the ATX form factor and two nvme m 2 slots. It is based on 8 cores and Zen core that make this 7th generation A series an improved MOBO.

The ASUS Rog series has really taken this to another level. It easy to use and this time Asus has made sure that they reinforce the two PCIes in steel. This makes them stronger and keeps them in place. The result is an improved performance and no lagging in the form of ROG Crosshair vii hero. You can try it if you have budget for it. Why not?

  • Has good memory – DDR4 RAM

  • This ASUS Rog has 4.0 RAM slots

  • Backed by a strong VRM

  • Plus, the Asus 5 way optimization turns your PC smart

  • It comes with io shield that has been pre-mounted

  • You get an 8 channel HD audio

  • Does come with USB 3.1 (ASMedia)

  • It has m 2 heat sink that provides you with dedicated cooling solutions

  • It is supported by 3 years warranty

  • We agree that it is a bit pricey

  • On high settings can really draw high power


What Motherboard Works With Ryzen 7?

Ans. All the motherboards mentioned above are compatible with Ryzen 7. We can vouch for all of them, as we have used them personally. Oh, that is to say, we keep experimenting a lot.

What Is The Best Gaming Motherboard For The Ryzen 7 1700x?

Ans. Now, this is something that your requirement alone will be able to disclose. Like, we have mentioned in our motherboard list, if you are a gamer, then MSI B450I GAMING PLUS AC, or ASRock X470 Master SLI/AC, if you are looking for an X470 chipset.

What Motherboard Do I need for Ryzen 7?

Ans. Anyone of the named in this motherboard comparison chart is potential. You can rely on these names and start building your customized MOBO right away!

It may not be that easy to find the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 1700x on your own. Yes, we know you will need help with this. Do not worry, as we have got you covered. No need to scour the forums, or ask anyone, just trust us and select any one among these.

We have done the hard work, and it is just your time to take action. Click on any one of the links and go for one. It will save you time and energy. We know as it may get overwhelming otherwise. Just go with it!

P.S. For the motherboard benchmark you can visit